Changes to the 1967 Abortion Act

On Monday 30th March, the Government officially announced a significant change to the 1967 Abortion Act with no parliamentary debate or public consultation.

Women will now be allowed to abort human life in their own homes, without professional care or supervision. 

Before this proposal, abortions could only take place in hospitals or abortion clinics approved by the Secretary of State. A doctor will now be able to prescribe abortion pills over the phone or via video platforms and allow the abortion to take place at home.

Just last week, the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, categorically denied having any plans to change the law on abortion. 

In the House of Lords, Health Minister Lord Bethell previously rejected these proposals stating that it would put many vulnerable women at risk.

Please contact your MP immediately, urging them to revoke this decision and asking them to resist any further attempts to exploit the coronavirus crisis to bring about extreme abortion laws.

For more information, please see where a letter template can be found.