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Welcome to our website and blog.
During this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, let's keep in touch and up-to-date with current advice and information on how to keep well ourselves and look after those in isolation and in need of help.
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Church leaders Statement:

Church leaders Statement:

We the Church leaders of Bourne End, Flackwell Heath, Wooburn Green, and

Loudwater want to add our voices to the indignation which has been shown

across the world at the brutal killing of George Floyd, and the systematic racism that lies behind it.

We name racism as a sin that causes division and as being against the will of God,

who created all people in His own image and likeness.

It is not enough to assert that we are ‘not racist’, we must be actively anti-racist and so we commit ourselves to root out racism, in all its forms, both within our church communities and in the areas within which we are called to minister.

We affirm the words of The Bible from the book of Revelation: ‘Before the throne

of the Lamb (who is Jesus) there was a huge number from every nation, race, tribe

and language’ (Revelation 7:9). 

We declare that God loves all humanity throughout time, not just one group, one person or one period of historical time. God has made known his ways to us through Jesus who chose to become one of us and taught us to love all people.

We offer the following prayer, attributed to St Francis of Assisi, as a focus of our own

prayer for our divided world:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

where there is injury, pardon;

where there is doubt, faith;

where there is despair, hope;

where there is darkness, light;

and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek

to be consoled as to console;

to be understood as to understand;

to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;

it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;

and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen

Ecumenical *PENTECOST* ~ Taize online

Ecumenical *PENTECOST* ~ Taize online

BRING A CANDLE to show on screen

To join us, you can either copy this link into your web browser:

Or you can go to the website, click on ‘JOIN A MEETING’ and then enter the Meeting ID, which is 823 9845 2886

For any queries or problems on the night, phone Jeremy on 077 8859 0762

Rosary Pilgrimage

Is that praying?

Is that praying?

I am running a race and I want to be first

Please God let me win

I say but do I pray

Is that praying?

I am plahing with my friends

And everything fine

I lost track of mine.

I am glad to be alive today, I say

To no one in particular.

Is that praying?

Things have gone wrong

An argument-a fight

I couldn’t sleep at all last night.

Is that praying?

- By Gordan Lamont

'Helen Lindenberg in her temporary home, helping to make masks'

'Helen Lindenberg in her temporary home, helping to make masks'

Mongu has been cancelled

Sadly, this year our fete for Mongu has been cancelled. We hope that it may be possible to have some other fundraising events towards the end of the year.

Please continue to support the London and Slough Runs. They are in need of very simple things: cereals, rice, pasta, tinned tomatoes, tinned soup, tinned meat, tinned tuna, toiletries.

Maria Cox has an abundance of chard, beetroot and spinach plants. If you would like some give her a ring on 01494 670461

Resources and sign up info for TKC

Dear All,

As requested we are sharing some further information with you to help advertise the TKC 36 hours of prayer in your churches this weekend.
 Please feel free to use what will be helpful for you and your church; we are suggesting that where possible we all share the sign up sheet link on Sunday evening/Monday morning 
We hope these are helpful to you and are excited for what God will do amongst us as we unite to pray. 
Many blessings 
Jo and Jane 

Suggested Email/ News Sheet Content ...for sharing this week with further emails to follow with reminders and Zoom info etc

In just a couple of weeks time (21st May to 31st May) we have the opportunity to take part in the global prayer initiative 'Thy Kingdom Come' that runs each year for 11 days between Ascension Day and Pentecost Sunday. Whilst this year will look different, it has also presented us with the opportunity to unite with other local churches and pray ....for our world, our nation, our local area and for friends and family who don't yet know Jesus.

We have decided to join together with other local churches to pray over 2 days, with people from all churches having the opportunity to sign up and commit to pray.  This 36 hours of prayer will take place between 8am on Wednesday 27th May and 8pm on Thursday 28th May and we will be emailing out a link to a sign up sheet soon ( or here is the link to the sign up sheet) , so that everyone can take part. There are 7 local churches currently signed up: the Community Church, Cores End URC, St Pauls, St Peters, St Marks, Christ Church and Flackwell Heath Methodist Church. During the 36 hours, alongside opportunity to pray in our own homes, we are planning several times of united prayer and worship which will be accessible via Zoom....( more info to follow) 

Link for Sign up Sheet... please include some simple suggestions for using this and do have a look at this yourself. Good to include a contact name and number for those in your churches who would not be able to sign up themselves for whatever reason.

I have learned

I’ve learned how to zoom, and to Skype and to share

Sunday worship on line, even though I’m not there.

So viewed as a whole, it’s not been too bad,

Though if you’ve lost friends it is terribly sad.


I know with God’s help this will come to an end,

We’ll be reunited with family and friend,

And when that time comes, please share in my prayer

That the hardship we’ve known will have taught us to care.


That we’ll find a new way to be loving and giving

As we mourn for the lost, but rejoice with the living.

As we treat these strange months as a gain, not a loss

And leave all our pain at the foot of the cross.

* Contributor: Robert 

Would it help to have a Listening Ear?

Would it help to have a Listening Ear?

If you need someone to talk to, for whatever reason, we have Listeners ready to help. 919232 

or visit: 

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Younger parishioners getting into the Easter spirit!!

Younger parishioners getting into the Easter spirit!!