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Welcome to our parish blog


Welcome to our website and blog.
During this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, let's keep in touch and up-to-date with current advice and information on how to keep well ourselves and look after those in isolation and in need of help.
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Magnificat free online & discounted subscriptions for Catholic Herald

As there will be no public Masses for the time being and an increasing number of people are self-isolating, there will undoubtedly be a substantial number of parishioners who will be unable to get to Church for several weeks.

To help with following the Mass, daily prayers, reading, etc. at home and also keep up with the weekly church news, free access to Magnificat online is on offer and, for those who would like the Print Editions, there is a special one-off 4-month subscription to Magnificat and/or a 3-month subscription to The Catholic Herald at substantially discounted and affordable prices to ensure that the maximum number of people can take advantage.

Please order by telephoning Margaret on 020 7448 3607 or Paul on 020 7448 3618 between 9.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Below are special prices to help people over this difficult period and orders will need to be placed before Easter:

  • Magnificat 4 months April to July (including the Holy Week special issue) for £14
  • Catholic Herald 3 months (13 weeks) for £25                                                              
  • Both Catholic Herald and Magnificat (as above) £36

For free access to Magnificat online, log in at

Although we do expect that many people will still go to Church for personal prayer, we do hope that these special concessions will help people who cannot get there, and also those who want to follow the Masses, prayers, readings, etc. feel that they can still share in the life of the Church.