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Welcome to our website and blog.
During this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, let's keep in touch and up-to-date with current advice and information on how to keep well ourselves and look after those in isolation and in need of help.
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Poppy Cascade Appeal


May 2020 will be 75 years since VE Day, which heralded the end of the Second World War. 

To mark this event, St Mary's & All Saints Church in Beaconsfield were planning to construct cascades

of woollen poppies around their churchyard.  Here is the latest project news:

"I am grateful for the overwhelming response to this project.  We probably now have in the region of 5,000 poppies, with doubtless more still in people’s homes. I will make good use of them all, just in the current climate, I cannot be clear when or how. However, I now need to ask that people STOP making Poppies now please.

It still feels important that at this time, we can all use our creative skills to work together towards another church community event, and I have chosen Christmas. I am now asking that people either knit red carnations, or make fabric angels. Both patterns, pictures, and templates on the link below, they have both been tested. Looking forwards, I can use them to decorate the church at Christmas. As with the poppies, any pattern that produces similar will work equally well.

As all places of worship are now closed, please keep all poppies, carnations and angels at home until the current restrictions are lifted. I hope this activity may offer some welcome diversion in this crisis.  Stay safe and well,

Links to patterns and notes:

Carnation pattern
Angel pattern
Angel notes
Helpful hints


Angela Shepherd

St Mary's and All Saints Church, Beaconsfield