Life Group

"Respect for life requires that science and technology should always be at the service of man and his integral development. Society as a whole must respect, defend and promote the dignity of every human/person at every moment and in every condition of that person’s life.” EV

Life is unique in the UK ( 
The Chalfont St Peter Life Group was set up in 1974 at St Joseph’s Church and covers the parish of St Teresa’s.


The national Life charity combines prolife advocacy and education work with nationwide services providing positive alternatives to abortion. 
Support is available for both men and women facing unexpected pregnancy, seeking support following abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth, struggling with infertility or seeking palliative care or respite care for sick children aged 0-5.

Our local group has been involved in many things over the years – prayer vigils; supporting the Life houses in Slough which house women and children in need; fundraising; promoting the support that is available for those who might need it; speaking out about the truth of abortion; being the voice of the unborn; politically when necessary by writing letters; collecting donations of baby clothes and equipment; financially supporting the Family Life Apostolate in Cameroon.

Recently, Life has been going through a complete re-organisation and our group is now part of the local Hub – Life Link Three – which covers a fairly large area containing houses, centres, groups and, it is hoped, a shop.  Our group is finding its place in this new exciting organisation which has employed wonderful, young, energetic men and women.

Anyone who may be interested in helping with their skills, time, etc, please contact either Imelda Mearns on 01494 675627 or Margaret Cayzer on 01494 676609.

“Only respect for life can be the foundation and guarantee of the most precious and essential goods of society, such as democracy and peace.”  EV101