Our baptism preparation programme has three main elements:

  • A preparation evening takes place at the beginning of every month when parents meet with other families who are to have their children baptised during that month and with members of the parish with young children of a similar age. It is a chance to prepare for the baptismal liturgy and to reflect upon some of the practical issues around bringing up children in the Catholic faith.
  • The Rite of Welcome: at 8.45 am Mass on a Sunday at the beginning of every month, we celebrate the Rite of Welcome - the first part of the baptismal ceremony - with all those children who are to be baptised later that month.  It is an opportunity for the parish community to genuinely and warmly congratulate and welcome these families. 
  • The baptism ceremony: toward the end of the month, we celebrate the baptism ceremony itself.  Members of the parish from the preparation evening welcome families and their guests and music is used as part of the celebration to make it as joyful an occasion as possible.

To arrange a baptism, please…

Contact:  Parish Office (01494) 673018