Bible Sharing Group

The Bible Sharing Group start each week by meeting on a Monday morning in the Parish Centre. Our meetings start with coffee and tea at 10:15 so that we are ready to start with a prayer at 10:30. Our attention then turns to Holy Scripture and we close our meeting by reciting the Angelus at noon.

Our meeting approach is summed up in the acronym EDDIE where:

E = Explore the books of the Bible

D = Discover what the people at the time were thinking

D = Discern what the episode under review means to us today

I = Identify what we personally might be called to do in response

E = Engage with the result.

The focus in our meetings is on understanding, on encouragement and engagement.

We welcome any visitors – there is no need to register or prepare or let anyone know that you will attend. Please just come and see!

If you do have any questions, please contact Francis Thompson on 01494 875 151 or on his email address at

We look forward to welcoming you!